1.0: is the classic snake game for the Pocket PC platform. 1.0 is the classic snake game for the Pocket PC platform. Control the snake to eat apples while avoiding to hit the wall and itself. The snake will become longer each time it eats colored dot. You can turn the snake by stylus or keyboard. There are three modes of play - Slow, Normal and Fast.

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Feed the Snake 1.3: Control the snake who is going to the hard travel around the planet Snakeus.

Feed the Snake 1.3

snake who is going to the long and hard travel around the planet Snakeus. Snake should eat a little for the travel. So the target of this snake game is eat, eat and eat. From the little worm you can grow to the big mighty snake. We can advise this snake game for everyone who loves to play classical snake games. Feed the Snake combines beautiful prerendered and hand-painted pictures. This snake game includes quality of sound, game levels which is

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FreeSweetGames Snakes 1.4.40: Overtake opponents and get the object the first by directing the snake.

FreeSweetGames Snakes 1.4.40

Snake goes to the area with random positions on its border. While snake has not entered into the game (flashing status), it does not exist for the other opponents, but once out, it immediately begins to interact. Remember this when choosing the time of entry. Player cant stop the snake or make it go backwards. Upon reaching the border snake creeps out on the opposite side. If snake is collides with obstacles or with its own tail, then, certainly,

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snake, which roams around on a bordered plane, picking up food (or some other item), trying to avoid hitting its own tail or the “walls” that surround the playing area. Each time the snake eats a piece of food, its tail grows longer, making the game increasingly difficult. The user controls the direction of the snake’s head (up, down, left, or right), and the snake’s body follows. The player cannot stop the snake from moving while the game

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OssiSnake 1.15: The great snake for windows with loads of options.

OssiSnake 1.15

Play Snake on your PC. There are options to change the amount of food, size of screen, size of the snake, size of the food and speed. There is also a highscores funtion. The file is small and no install is required.

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Need4 Free FLV Player 2.1: Play YouTube videos and play FLV videos for free

Need4 Free FLV Player 2.1

Player is a free tool which allows to play YouTube videos and play FLV videos stored on your computer. Need4 Free FLV Player is also capable of playing videos from, metacafe and other popular video-sharing sites. In Need4 Free FLV Player you can easily create and manage your playlist - add and move videos, loop your playlist to repeat playback, shuffle videos for random playback. Need4 Free FLV Player Key Features: 1. Play YouTube videos

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Vipers 2.2: A multi-player, non-violent arcade game. Simple rules, but addictive play.

Vipers 2.2

player arcade game. * quite simple but very addictive! * the more players, the more fun * non-violent play for children and adults * many players, but no need for many connected computers * play against friends, relatives, or against computer opponents Each player drives a viper. Controlling a viper is very simple: you just turn left and right. This is why all the players can fit on a single keyboard. And when the game starts, players get excited

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Snake 1.0.1: Guide your snake to the food. How long can you get?

Snake 1.0.1

Snake is an old old game, but it`s still great fun to play. And very simple too, just guide the snake to eat the food and avoid crashing. The more food, and the "fresher" the food is, the longer the snake grows. Or play head to head against a friend or the computer. Can you make your opponent crash while not crashing yourself?

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Boa Constrictor 1.2: Travel througt the labyrinths, arcade/logic game adding more to classic SnakePit

Boa Constrictor 1.2

Boa Constrictor is a great arcade game, which is based upon the good old SnakePit, and adds a host of new features and tricks. Two-player mode is provided. Several dozen of labyrinth rooms are available in full version, as well as different skill levels and playing modes. Boa`s goal is to gobble everything eatable in the maze, trying not to run into dangerous walls and snakes. Both installer and uninstaller are included.

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Battle Snake 2.1: Go through 80 levels guarded by alien robots in and liberate the planet Snakeus!

Battle Snake 2.1

Snake is not classical snake game, Battle Snake is snake game of the new level marked with it`s appearance the beginning of the new brunch of the development of the game genres. Classical snake base in this snake game greatly combines with action shooter activity. All the Battle Snake is done in classical 2D top view. In the century of the 3D arcade such games become a big rarity, so Battle Snake become a real gift for fans of snake games. No doubt

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